About TCC

The Chronicles Conference has been birth out of pain and much suffer in the life of Prophetess Caroline. She grew up in Christ Jesus from the age of being 15 years young. While she was being silent in pain as a girl which many kept her behind the scenes not to speak out what God was saying. Therefore God used her in the Praise,Worship, Prophetic & Apostolic Dance, for dancing the messages out towards the people of God. She was not always understood in her dance ministry, because many deliverances took place in the lives of people while dancing in the Holy Spirit. As she became older in age, she was denied in Christianity where she broke boundaries. Her dance ministry was bringing deliverance from the pain she went through as a teenager and young adult the moment she came to Christ Jesus. TCC was birthed out from her dance ministry in a voice as a women to come out and to help other women to get to their spiritual DNA.



This is how the birth out started in Prophetess Caroline Amankwaah to set women’s free from spiritual, physical, mental & physiological issues in life, within her generation, the next generation as well to the elder generation.She has therefore been a generational voice from her nation Suriname in South America as well in Europe, the Netherlands where her journey started in Christ Jesus. And its standing now for women who has been kept behind the scene and where their voices wasn’t & couldn’t be heard. Neither couldn’t stand for themselves by the silence and culture of mankind. The TCC started in 2016 and is therefore a platform for women for their spiritual identity, known as the spiritual DNA to come out for educating, equipping & empowering them. She has been honored to received in United Kingdom a Global Award from Restoration Church USA for supporting Women Worldwide.


The goal is to raise, sharpen, and equip women so they can manifest their glory. This applies to every woman whose life has been hidden in the past. The chronicles book serves as a tool to open up their present and prepare them for the future. By doing so, they will be empowered to live out their full potential and leave a lasting impact. This will be their legacy for generations to come.



The aim is to empower women by imparting knowledge and guidance, thereby shaping their destiny. A mission, mandate, and mantle have been placed upon their lives, providing direction and purpose. This education and mentorship will equip them with the skills and confidence to fulfill their potential and reach their goals. The end result is to unleash their glory and bring forth their hidden talents and abilities. A brighter future awaits as they manifest their true purpose and make a positive impact on the world.